Don and Jeff We are fortunate to live in Coastal Delaware with our beautiful beaches, vibrant communities, and generous charitable organizations. Yet our district faces some serious challenges. In order to address them, we need responsive and progressive representation in Dover.

A New Progressive Voice for the 14th District!

Income Inequality Gap

Create good quality, year-round jobs in the area.
Adopt a minimum living wage, so that no one who works 40 hours a week has to live in poverty.
Expand state revenues by raising taxes on corporations and people making over $125,000 a year.

Criminal Justice Reform

Repeal the ineffective, arbitrary, and costly death penalty.
End mandatory sentencing.
Eliminate bail requirements for non-violent offenders.
Require greater transparency and oversight of police departments, including the creation of a database to track the use of force by police.
End the civil asset forfeiture program, that allows police to seize your assets even if you are not convicted of a crime.
Strengthen community policing.

Social Safety Net

Strengthen our public schools and de-emphasize high-stakes testing, so that every child gets a quality education.
Expand transportation, so people can get to work and seniors can maintain their independence.
Provide treatment for people struggling with mental illness or drug addiction.
Ensure safe, secure and affordable housing.

Transparent and Responsive Government

Be responsive to all constituents and seek their input.
Implement same-day voter registration and no-excuse absentee voting to make voting more convenient for eligible citizens.
Implement independent redistricting reform because voters should pick their representatives, not vice versa.
Keep money out of politics by maintaining contribution limits, increasing disclosure requirements, and reforming our lobbying system.
Close the loophole that exempts General Assembly emails from Freedom of Information Requests.